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Cleaning The Bathroom - The Easy Way
04 February 2014
Cleaning The Bathroom - The Easy Way

There is nothing worse or more off-putting than a dirty bathroom but unfortunately if you do not keep on top of cleaning it that is exactly what you will get!

To keep a bathroom fresh it needs to be cleaned at least once a week and even more so if a larger family is using it often.
Bathrooms are designed with easy to clean surfaces such as enamel and tiles and if the bathroom is kept to a clean standard, and rinsed regularly (particularly after showers and baths) then those surfaces should not have any build up of grime. Most bathroom surfaces are stain-resistant so it’s not exactly difficult to clean them however if they are never cleaned you will begin to notice a horrid looking grime forming around the taps, this is unsightly and it is totally preventable so try not to let it get to that stage as you will make the clean up much more difficult.

For anyone who lives in rented accommodation and is planning to move out soon this guide for cleaning bathrooms is extremely helpful and it provides useful tips on how to get the bathroom sparkling clean again, to impress your landlord. If you are unsure and prefer to leave it to the experts instead you do have the option of hiring in professional cleaners to do this job, and they do it effectively great!

Cleaning the bathroom-the easy way!
Bathrooms tend to be the most used and abused room in the house, every member of the family is at some point at fault for creating this mess which includes anything from shaving foam splatters to hair sprayed mirrors to shampooed tiles etc and if left to settle they form a kind of residue on the surface which takes away the natural gleam of the suite and it appears more dull like.

Bathrooms are made out of various different surfaces like ceramics, plastics and marble. Each surface has to be cared for in a different manner and knowing how to do this will get onto the right track. Most domestic cleaning companies already have this knowledge but for anyone else, follow this guide.

Marble and Cultured marbles - are incredibly easy to clean but are susceptible to scratching so avoid any hard abrasives such as scouring pads or wire wool.  

Plastic laminate - is a common bathroom feature, it’s easy to clean and a lightly pressured scoring pad that has a sponge underside is enough to loosen grease and then can be wiped away afterwards. A light waxing after the clean will help to give the surface its shine back and will also help to protect it too.
Top Tip/ Baking soda works as a great de-greaser, simply sprinkle it on and gently scrub away the grime!
Most bathrooms have mirrors, remember to use your glass cleaning spray to make them sparkle again and to finish off the new look, beautifully!

You can make you own cleaning solutions, if you wish. A simple cleaning solution which works well in bathrooms consists; of baking soda, ammonia (optional!), washing up liquid and warm water.
Mix the solutions together by adding  3 table spoons of baking soda to half a cup of ammonia and 2 cups of warm water or if you prefer to not use ammonia try 16 ounces of soda, a good squirt of washing up liquid and 1 cup of warm water and there you have it!

When cleaning bathrooms it is always better to do so in a ventilated room so remember to open the window and also wear some rubber gloves to protect you hands!

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