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Getting The Carpets Cleaned Can Change The Whole House
25 December 2013
Getting The Carpets Cleaned Can Change The Whole House

If you feel like your living room is looking a little tired, then it may well be a good idea to get the carpets cleaned. Many people do not realize the kind of change that the carpet can make to a room until they try getting it all cleaned up. You will no doubt find that you have a large build up of dirt in your carpet if you have not had it cleaned for a while, and as the process of the dirt getting in to the pile can take place in quite an even manner, you may well find that the change is not something that happens in a way that you can see. The slow build up of dirt will happen whether you hoover regularly or not, so it is essential that you clean your carpet well and as regularly as possible.

In most instances the best way to get your carpet cleaned is to use a professional carpet cleaning service. Most domestic cleaning companies will be able to supply you with the right people and materials to clean your carpets, but you may also have to look elsewhere for more specialist carpet cleaning services should your regular cleaner not be able to do the job that you need them to do. In many cases, there are reasons to do it either way - money may be an issue and you’ll want to try it yourself, or you will perhaps understand that going for it without the proper experience and knowledge will potentially leave you in a position where you have to spend a lot more money on a new carpet! There are many ways to have your carpet cleaned, so look in to the techniques that your domestic cleaning service can do for you, and see if any of the following carpet cleaning methods will work for you!

First off you have carpet shampoo. You will find that you can get this at any supermarket, but home cleaning companies will have their own ways of doing things. The shampoo is sprayed on to the carpet and then scrubbed in, so that the foam lathers up the pile, just like hair shampoo. The action of the scrubbing and the chemicals in the lather will pull the dirt from the fibers and suspend them in the solution. The foam then dries and you will no doubt find that you can vacuum up the residue, which comes as a fine powder. You need to be sure that you or your cleaner gets it all sucked up however, as leaving any residue in the pile of the carpet will no doubt result in the carpet getting dirty again more quickly.

Steam cleaning uses extremely hot water to blast the dirt out. A carpet cleaning professional must do this for you, and they will use a machine to blast the hot water into the pile, and then suck it back out, which loosens the dirt and sterilizes the pile through the heat and power. Be sure that the carpet is not left damp however, as this can lead to damp and mildew.

Dry cleaning may sound like it is for clothes, but it is actually a hugely effective way of cleaning carpets. The process involves a chemical compound being spread across the carpet and then rubbed in with a little solution to create a reaction that attracts dirt from the fibers. This technique is very effective, but can be a little pricy for some, so you should think hard about which carpet cleaning process you want to use.

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