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Cleaning Tips for the Smart Domestic Cleaner
25 October 2013
Cleaning Tips for the Smart Domestic Cleaner

If you are proud of your home, then you will no doubt have decorated it in a way that really represents you well, showing off your impeccable taste and brilliance in design flair. However, if you do not keep the place clean then all of this will be lost to any visitors for the fact that the whole place is coated in a thin layer of dust! The cleaning really does need to be kept up, especially if you place is nice one that you want people to come around and enjoy. Dust is primarily made up of human skin, and carries allergens and bacteria that can be harmful, so it is worth getting rid of for more reasons than just the aesthetics as well! The issue with cleaning is that it can take up quite a lot of time in your day, and if you are a successful person who works away from home, then the cleaning can be difficult. Having a cleaner come is on option, but is the expense really worth it, when you could easily slot a little cleaning in here and there and get the place feeling fresh and lovely without that much of a hassle? yes, it can be done, but it takes a little planning, and this can be hard to stick to, so self-motivation is a must in this game!

Making your cleaning a regular thing is essentially like building a cleaning time table in to a pre existing time table. If you work regular hours then you likely have a bit of a routine in place, whether you really realize it or not. There will be points throughout the day where you find yourself sitting around, or perhaps mindlessly surfing the web. In these instances, why not quickly dust the surfaces in the bedroom and living room? it will take ten minutes, and then it is done for the week! The same goes for other tasks; getting up a little early one day a week and getting the mop out on a couple of rooms each time will mean that it is over within twenty minutes, and you are not concerning yourself with such chores when it comes to the weekend, when you are meant to really be relaxing properly. Let’s face it, when you are working a full week, it’s not like you get much of a chance to properly relax, so why not leave the slobbing around to the weekend and do it properly, free of anything boring like housework for the whole two days off, because you got it all done throughout the week!

Getting yourself into this rota is not hard, but the initial clean may well be. The fact is, that most people leave the cleaning off until later because it is a pain to do. This means that the grease and dirt builds up and you find yourself having to work a lot harder than you should do to get rid of it. essentially this starts a vicious cycle, in which you leave everything to the last minute, and find it was difficult, and then leave everything to the last minute again, because you remember how difficult it was last time! Doing one big clean, or even getting a cleaner in for a one of will leave you with a blank, or clean, canvas, from which to base a regular pattern of cleaning on, which will no doubt serve you extremely well going forward.

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