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How Spring Cleaning Can Save You Pounds And Shift The Pounds Too
28 March 2014
How Spring Cleaning Can Save You Pounds And Shift The Pounds TooSpring cleaning is more than just a thorough clean at home or at work, it’s a great way of saving money and getting in some vital exercise for free too. Many people may not be aware of how effectively good spring cleaning actually is,Here are some examples of how spring cleaning can save you plenty of pounds in more ways than you might think, and who knows it may even give you a little motivation too! De-cluttering eliminates decorating!Mess, leads to dust, dust leads to dirt, dirt leads to redecoration, redecoration leads to money!Don’t allow it to get to this stage! When clutter begins to accumulate, sort it out! If left it may mean that you have to redecorate more often than you would want to because piles of junk, leads to added dust which makes walls grubby and a skirting boards dirty not to mention the stress it causes by having to live in an untidy and messy environment. Remember, Keep it clear = Keep it clean!Spring cleaning is good exercise! It breaks out a sweat, it works all of your muscles, and it requires no ‘pricey’ monthly membership fee, its free exercise. You can’t argue with that! Yes, it may seem like a chore at the time, but when you sit down later on, feeling exhausted, tired and worn out you can be proud that your hard work has spruced up your home whilst working those muscles too. Tip/ Vacuuming the stairs is a great place to start, it warms the body up ready to go!Maintenance reduces replacement! It’s a well known fact that if things are taken care of regularly, they are more than likely going to last you a lot longer. Spring cleaning is a good way of getting the longevity out of things and saves the need to replace things as often.Sometimes things need cleaning, not replacing! Not all dirty sofas and carpets need to be replaced, they may look like they do now but you would be surprised what a thorough clean can actually do. Hiring professional upholstery cleaners to clean carpets and sofas is the cheaper way of getting impressive results, and they really can do a remarkable job on even the grubbiest of surfaces, its well worth a try!As well as carpets and sofas, you may be pleasantly surprised at what can be revived by just cleaning alone and if you are in a situation right now where you think everything needs replacing for new because its seen better days, it may just surprise you how much of a difference a spring clean actually makes. Get the whole family involved!Ok, it’s easy said than done, I agree! However once you start the spring clean at home you may start to notice that it inspires others who live in your house to get involved. Let’s say, if every room is spruced up nicely and the only one remaining is your lazy teenagers bedroom, who knows, you may be surprised that they too would like their room cleaned and tidied out, although I suspect most teens would want a helping hand to do it, but at least it’s a start! On the other hand, little members of the family may be more than willing to get involved, especially if it’s their rooms that you are sorting out, they may find it to be enjoyable and it works so much better if you can work together than trying to work around them. I think most people would agree that having a good sort out, spring clean and general freshen up at home is not only good for the way it looks, but also mentally satisfying too. It’s definitely worth all of the hard work!

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