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How To Clean Vomit Out Of A Carpet Effectively
11 July 2014
How To Clean Vomit Out Of A Carpet EffectivelyCleaning up vomit must rank as one of the most unpleasant tasks around. However, as certainly all parents and carers will know, it happens all too often and it’s always best to be prepared – forewarned is forearmed. Prevention is always better than cure in this scenario, but if you do find yourself having to clear up vomit then do bear in mind the tips below for a rapid clean and smell-free zone! Remember – when you are dealing with a mess of this nature, you will be removing not only odour and stains, but also bacteria. Or germs, as they are frequently known.  This is to reduce the risk of infection to others – and prevent you from having to do more cleaning! The very first person that you should protect is yourself, therefore it is very important that you carry out the entire task wearing rubber gloves to prevent any contact with the vomit without a protective barrier method in place. This isn’t necessary for other types of stains, but it certainly is for vomit. Other equipment that you will need will include: a dust pan, a large spoon, paper towels or old cloths, warm water, a bucket, an enzyme-based carpet cleaner, baking soda or corn starch, plastic bag or bags and a vacuum cleaner. Remove any pets or small children from the immediate area to give you a safe workspace to operate in. Firstly – the worst bit. Remove as much of the vomit as you physically can from the carpet by literally scraping it off. Depending on the amount you can use a large spoon or a dust pan. You can then rinse and bleach the equipment in the sink, or seal in a plastic bag and throw it away. Then blot the entire area with a towel or cloth to remove as much of the residue as you can. The idea behind this is to simple leave the stain that will need treating, not any more vomit to be cleared up so it really is worth doing thoroughly. Once this is done, cover the entire area with baking soda or corn starch. Ensure that it is fully covered for best results. Leave this to soak up the vomit for at least 15-20 minutes and then vacuum. The next stage is to use your enzyme-based cleaner on the affected area. Suitable products can be found in the cleaning or pet aisles of your local supermarkets. These work effectively by using the enzymes to break down the odour-causing proteins. Use a copious amount of this cleaner on the vomit area, then blot with an old towel to remove both cleaner and stain. If you find that you don’t have, or can’t get hold of, an enzyme-based cleaner then don’t worry. Simply take water, washing up liquid and vinegar, mix into a solution and apply as directed before. Once you have done this and the entire area is now treated and clean, spray thoroughly with an anti-bacterial spray to kill any remaining bacteria. This should leave a pleasant scent too. Once this is done, leave it to dry completely and then vacuum thoroughly. Once the cleaning is finished it is imperative that you dispose of the equipment that you have used very carefully. Anything that can be sterilised should be, either by putting it through the dishwasher or soaking in bleach. Any paper towels or old cloths that you no longer wish to keep should be placed in a plastic bag, sealed firmly and put out in the rubbish. And next time – arm the patient with a sick bowl!

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