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How to Get Clean Floors: A Carpet Cleaning Guide
18 June 2015
How to Get Clean Floors: A Carpet Cleaning Guide

Over time the carpets and rugs in our homes can start to look a little less than perfect. People and pets have been walking on them for weeks, months or even years, leaving lots of dirt and dust particles behind them as they go. It may time to give your carpets a deep cleaning to make them more presentable and this guide will tell you just how to do it.

Lift up any items on the floor and plug your vacuum in at the nearest outlet. The best vacuuming method for a deep carpet clean is to move the vacuum in both directions. By going vertically and horizontally, you make sure that you reach in between those twisted fibres for the best vacuum cleaning possible. Nozzle attachments will help you to clean the hard to reach areas. Use an extended one to get in underneath the sofas and maybe even an upholstery nozzle to give it a good sofa cleaning.

Traditional Cleaning
There are lots of different carpet cleaners out there that you can choose from but one of the tried and tested methods to remove stains from carpets is a simple dishcloth and some warm water. Work from the outer edges of the stain and make your way to the centre to reduce the likelihood of the stain expanding any further. Use a blotting motion rather than a scrubbing one because such a harsh movement may set the stain deeper into the carpet fibres, making the stain even more difficult to remove. An example of this would be a smellier stain in which case using vinegar and warm water with a clean cloth will be the most productive method. Once you are done with this first step to battle stains you can move on to using a carpet cleaner product.

Powder Formula
Powdered carpet cleaner or baking soda provides two great ways in which to have your carpets looking fresh and clean again. Sprinkle a generous amount over the carpet and simply leave it to sit and work its way into the carpet fibres for at least 30 minutes. The longer the powder is allowed to work, the better the results will be. Once the time is up, take your vacuum once more and clean the powder from the carpet. This should leave your carpets with softer stains that are easier to remove.

Carpet shampoo is a must when it comes to home cleaning. Follow the products instructions which may tell you to scrub the product into the stain. Make sure that you do no scrub too harshly and use a hard-bristled brush for best results. Leave the shampoo formula to dry and then vacuum the area well to take away any shampoo or traces of stains. If your carpet has gum stuck to its fibres, use an ice cube to harden it and then pull it off gently. This will successfully remove any trace of the gum and allow you to clean the rest of the carpet more effectively.

Steam Cleaning
Many professional cleaners use a steam cleaner to battle tough carpet stains. You can hire a cleaning company to give your carpet a thorough wash or you can rent your own steam cleaner and try to remove the stains yourself. If you are unable to remove the furniture beforehand, use aluminium foil underneath the furniture feet. This will give you better access in and around the furniture. Using the right detergent, use the steamer at the furthest area of the room and make your way out. Open the windows when you are done to help ventilate the area and to speed up the drying time.

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