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Rug Cleaning, A Starters' Guide
23 December 2014
Rug Cleaning, A Starters' GuideWhen it comes to getting going with cleaning your carpets or rugs, you will find that there are a few different options that you may want to work through in your mind before getting going. Hastiness is not going to help you in this case, as making a mistake could well lead to issues further down the line that are harder to get rid of than a little dirt. If you want to avoid these sorts of problems from the outset, then having a well rounded idea of the options available to you early on is a great idea. You will find that you can quite easily get a lot done with shop bought products, but there are other ways as well, and a couple of them will require professional help. The important thing is to think about your budget, and work out which technique is going to give you the best clean for the money that you can realistically spend. In no way should you be throwing cash at a cleaning method that will leave you too far out of pocket, no matter how well the cleaning service goes. Have a careful think as well about the amount of time that you can realistically spend on the job yourself. You may well want to ensure that you are doing the job cheaply, but if you are wasting your own time, then what is the good of it in the long run?If you want to avoid getting a cleaning agency in, then carpet shampoo is the product for you. You will find that it can do very well against normal household mud and dirt, and if you are thorough with it then there is no reason as to why you should not be able to get rid of the mess that you need to. The main difficulty with carpet shampoo if you are doing the job without a cleaning service is the effort. There is a lot of scrubbing involved, as you simply spray the shampoo down and scrub it in. Once it has been properly scrubbed in, the dried residue is vacuumed off, but if the spray has not been scrubbed in deep enough, then you are at risk of getting stuck with dirt still within the pile.Professional carpet cleaning is always going to be the best way to go, and you have a few options. There are cleaning agencies that will do carpet shampooing in a more thorough way, and this is often a useful but slightly cheaper way of doing the job. Otherwise there are the more expensive but also more effective options of steam and dry cleaning. Steam cleaning uses hot water and steam to blast the dirt form the carpet using pressure and heat. This will leave the carpet a little damp sometimes, which means that it can’t really be walked upon for a number of hours afterwards. Dry cleaning is a lot more practical in that it uses compounds to chemically remove the dirt, rather than force. Ask your cleaning company about the specifics of the job if you are interested, but the long and short of it is that you will end up with a carpet that can be used within minutes of the process being finished, which is a lot more practical for public spaces like hotels and offices. Many cleaning contractors will be available to do the work, it is simply a case of finding who will give you the best price for the best job!

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